what we do


We offer expert advice on how to optimize resources, comply with statutory requirements, and ensure operational efficiency and safety. Working with our clients, we find practical and functional solutions to building maintenance challenges and improvements. We can provide this service regardless of the life stage of the property.


We conduct annual and semi-annual reviews of the physical condition and operational processes of our managed properties. We also offer this as a standalone service to properties that are managed directly by owners who are looking for an independent and thorough assessment of their compliance to safety and regulatory requirements.

Real Estate Management

We manage the day-to-day financial operations of the property, keep the property up-to-date with safety and regulatory requirements, and ensure the property is in good working order with regular maintenance and repairs. We endeavor to provide service excellence all the time as we know that good property management significantly improves the quality of life of unit owners and tenants.


With its years of experience and technical know-how, FPD Asia also offers standalone professional services to property owners and tenants. These include electrical audits, equipment repairs and maintenance, as well as fit-out management.

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FPD Asia is committed to enhancing or adding value to the properties we manage. Adding value, in turn, means, not only increasing the monetary value of an office building or residential condominium but enhancing its desirability as a place to work or live. Well-managed properties are ones where you and your business or your family can prosper and flourish and these can only be achieved with Service Excellence... All the Time.